4J4A2677Charbel Choueh

Lawyer and social activist.He graduated from the Faculty of Law- Lebanese University, in 2006.
Charbel runs his own law cabinet. He worked on all the legal aspects of CR group’s first project “Do you want a house for $40.000?”
He is currently the president of CR group


Samer  Wakim

Architect and university professor
Graduated from the Lebanese University/ National Institute of Fine Arts in 2006. He is currently working on his PhD thesis entitled: “Towards a sustainable ecological architecture”
He is a founding partner and a project manager at Wakim Engineering firm
He oversaw the feasibility study and preliminary designs of the project “Do you want a House for $40.000?”
He is currently vice-president of CR Group


Rim Harb

Journalist and social activist
Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism in the Lebanese University
Works as a journalist in various media outlets and she had a socio-religious talk show on Charity TV called “Kadaya”
Currently works as a reporter in the news department of RLL (Radio Liban Libre) and she writes for different Lebanese newspapers and magazines.
Acts as the communication manager in CR group