CR Group’s first project: “Do you want a house for $40.000?house-type

The main goal of the project is to provide new and modern residential apartments that meet contemporary day-to-day needs,at the price of the direct construction costs,for the Lebanese youth. The remaining expenditures for the project, such as roads infrastructure, building the retaining walls, water and sanitation, electricity, etc. would be covered by the sale or rental of the commercial shops in the project at the local market price (and not at the construction cost price)

The project comprises a minimum of 65-70 residential building, or 500 residential units. Each building has three or four floors. The project spreads over 50.000 m2, and is situated 15 to 20 minutes from the seaside. It was designed in a modern way to meet the needs of the Lebanese youth. It comprises gardens and sport courts, as well as a local market that will meet the daily needs of the inhabitants.

The project offers four types of residential units:

    • 80m2, including 2 bedrooms, for USD 40.000
    • 100m2,including 2 bedrooms, for USD 60.000
    • 120m2, including 3 bedrooms, for USD 80.000
    • 140m2, including 3 bedrooms, for USD 100.000
    • LEBMAP1