1 - CopyC.R Group is a huge fast-growing community, with citizens and home buyers from all over the Lebanese territory, while the C.R Group aims to provide housing for Lebanese citizens at very affordable prices. As such, the C.R Group community is a nationwide phenomenon and a great opportunity for you to promote your business and your company, allowing our community to develop even further and serve an even larger audience! Within the C.R Group community there is a strong sense of loyalty and brand awareness. Sponsoring a large compound launching is a good method of presenting your brand positively to the home buyers, enabling you to build up your company’s image. A meaningful relationship can be created, providing you with opportunities not only for advertising, but for building contacts and even acquiring new buyers. As volunteer based organization, we highly depend on our sponsors to provide a financial backbone for event launching, conference and marketing support. Each tool we use to market C.R. Group has on its own several marketing possibilities. Should you have any questions, feedback, or if you have already decided to become a sponsor of C.R Group, please contact us through the following email address: sponsors@crgroup-lb.com

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