CR Group is a nonprofit apolitical youth organization.

It was created in light of the strained economic situation in Lebanon, with the aim of dealing with the socio-economic problems that the Lebanese youth face on a daily basis.

Most notably, it focuses on housing and employment, which seem lately to be a far away dream for all too many.

By doing so, CR group also hopes to encourage the Lebanese youth to stay in their homeland. The group drew up a comprehensive action plan to support the Lebanese youth on the economic, social and political level.

It started by implementing its most difficult and delicate project: providing housing for Lebanese young people at the construction cost price. Thus was launched CR group’s first project (“Do you want a house for $40.000?”) to ensure decent housing for the Lebanese youth, create job opportunities and attract healthy and safe investments.

In addition, the association intends to launch various projects aiming at developing state regulations and raising awareness on the rule of law, in order to reach a modern and civilized state where citizens rights are respected and where citizens in turn respect and trust state institutions.